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Colvin Peina (d): Antler, Turtle/Starfish

Colvin Peina (d): Antler, Turtle/Starfish


The image of a turtle and starfish engraved into an antler is a powerful symbol of connection between land and sea, nature and wildlife. The details of this carving speak to the skill and craftsmanship of Colvin, capturing the essence of these two beloved creatures with stunning accuracy. The turtle represents wisdom, longevity, and protection, while the starfish symbolizes guidance, intuition, and regeneration. Together, they form a harmonious balance that speaks to the interconnectedness of all living beings on Earth. This unique piece serves as a reminder to respect and preserve our fragile ecosystem while celebrating the beauty and diversity of life that surrounds us.

Dimensions: Length 4" X Width 2 3/16" X Height 1" Donated

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