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Fred Weekoty: Serpentine, Green Mole

Fred Weekoty: Serpentine, Green Mole


Serpentine is a type of mineral that comes in various shades of green, and it's known for its smooth texture and rich color. You can expect to find precise features like its adorable paws, body shape, and even the tail. The green hue adds a touch of uniqueness to this piece, making it stand out among other stone carvings.

Mole (K'yaluts'i): Mole’s behavior suggests that we trust what we feel, not what we see as the mole lives this way all the time. For the Zuni people, Mole (K'yaluts'i) is the guardian of Mother Earth. 

Dimensions: Length 2" X Width 1" X Height 1/2" Donated
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