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Lena Boone: Augite, Mole

Lena Boone: Augite, Mole


The use of augite, a type of volcanic rock known for its deep black color, adds a stunning contrast to the golden shimmer of the lip shell arrowhead bundle. It's like holding nature's duality in your hands! Lena Boone's talent shines through every stroke and curve of this carving, showcasing her deep understanding and respect for Native American art forms. This carving is both an awe-inspiring work of craftsmanship .

Mole (K'yaluts'i): Mole’s behavior suggests that we trust what we feel, not what we see as the mole lives this way all the time. For the Zuni people, Mole (K'yaluts'i) is the guardian of Mother Earth. 

Dimensions: Length 3" X Width 1" X Height 1/2" Purchased 
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