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Thelma Sheche: Picasso Marble, Double Coyotes

Thelma Sheche: Picasso Marble, Double Coyotes

She She

The choice of picasso adds a touch of uniqueness to the overall look, as the stone features beautiful patterns and colors. The fact that they are side by side adds a touch of unity and partnership to the carving. And let's not forget about the arrowhead on their back – this adds some mystery and symbolism, as it could signify protection or even the pursuit of goals. 

Coyote (Suski): is called “the trickster” in numerous cultures. Life, however, is the real trickster and Coyote understands this. By accepting situations as they are and dealing with the unexpected willingly and eagerly, Coyote survives. Coyotes shows us that life is unpredictable and uncontrollable and that unexpected occurrences can be viewed as opportunities, not misfortunes. Coyote’s wisdom teaches us to live in the moment and wonder at it all.

Dimensions: Length: 2 5/16" X Width: 1/2" X Height: 15/16" Donated
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