Collection: Abby Panteah

Abby Panteah comes from a long history of a wide variety of Artisans, from jewelry to beadwork to fetish carving and even culinary arts and welding. Abby was first introduced to a motor to carve by helping grandfather David Quam, who did bone carving for his beadwork. As Abby began high school, she was inspired and taught more about fetish carving by her older brother, Gabriel Quam, who introduced her to Alabaster due to the softness of the stone. She was then promoted to soapstone, serpentine, then marble. In later years, Abby begins collaborating with (jeweler, carver, and painter) husband Clayton Panteah. Today, Abby has come a long way from soft alabaster to now being able to work with the hardest gems and minerals to create works of art with the inspiration of her husband, who taught her to work with these stones and have precise, intricate finished work.