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Abby Panteah: El Paso Mtn Banded Jasper, Bison

Abby Panteah: El Paso Mtn Banded Jasper, Bison


This unique piece of art showcases the natural beauty and rich history of this stunning stone, known for its swirling patterns and vibrant coloration. The deep reds, oranges, and browns of the jasper only serve to enhance the majestic presence of the bison, making it a truly awe-inspiring work of art. 

Buffalo (Si:wolo) is especially important to the Plains Indians. These magnificent animals were the basis of their lifeway before they were hunted to extinction by the white man. While not a traditional fetish subject for the Zunis, all animals have meaning and Bison reminds us of abundance and prayer.  

Dimensions: Length 2 1/4" X Width 1 7/16" X Height 1 1/2" Purchased 
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