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Adrian Cachini: Fish Rock, Set of Rabbits

Adrian Cachini: Fish Rock, Set of Rabbits


Each rabbit was unique and has its own personality, captured perfectly by Adrian. From the delicate features on their faces to the intricate fur patterns etched onto their bodies, every little detail was on point. The colors and textures of the rock add this rustic charm to the whole piece that makes it even more fascinating. It's one of those things that you just can't help but admire and wonder about the creativity and skill behind it all.

Rabbit (Okshik’o): is a prey animal. Small and defenseless, it depends on its reflexes and keen senses for survival. Rabbit reminds us to acknowledge our fears, for if we don't, they can paralyze and dictate our behavior.  

Dimensions: Length 4 1/2" X Width 1" X Height 1 3/8" Purchased 

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