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Adrian Cachini: Belgian Marble, Mole

Adrian Cachini: Belgian Marble, Mole


What really sets it apart are these gorgeous turquoise eyes that just sparkle with life. And to top it off, Adrian has added some seriously intricate sgrafitto art to give it a unique and artistic flair. Honestly, it's mesmerizing to look at. The attention to detail is simply outstanding, it's like a mini masterpiece that you can hold in your hands. 

Mole (K'yaluts'i): Mole’s behavior suggests that we trust what we feel, not what we see as the mole lives this way all the time. For the Zuni people, Mole (K'yaluts'i) is the guardian of Mother Earth. 

Dimensions: Length: 2 5/8" X Width: 1" X Height: 3/4" Purchased

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