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Al Lasiloo: Picasso, Wolf with Bundle

Al Lasiloo: Picasso, Wolf with Bundle


Al has crafted a truly powerful and meaningful piece. The choice of picasso marble as the material adds an exquisite touch to the overall beauty of the carving too. This exceptional work by Al shows his immense talent as a Zuni fetish carver and captures both aesthetic appeal and cultural symbolism all in one magnificent creation!

Wolf (Yuna:wikko’o): medicine has to do with deciphering information and finding new pathways for the benefit of the clan. Being part of a clan and exhibiting loyalty to it is some of the wisdom Wolf brings. And yet, even though Wolf is very loyal, it retains its individuality within the clan.  

Dimensions:  Length: 2 1/2" X Width: 3/4" X Height: 1 5/16" Donated

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