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Alex Poncho: Colorful Serpentine, Turtle

Alex Poncho: Colorful Serpentine, Turtle


Serpentine is a metamorphic rock that comes in a variety of colors, including greens, yellows, reds, and browns. When carved into the shape of a turtle, the serpentine brings out its vibrant hues and intricate patterns, adding depth and character to the carving. The smooth texture and polished finish of the stone highlight the craftsmanship and attention to detail that went into creating this piece. Additionally, turtles are often symbolically associated with longevity, protection, stability, and wisdom in many cultures around the world. Therefore, owning a turtle carved of colorful serpentine not only adds aesthetic value to one's collection but also brings forth positive spiritual energies and meanings.

Turtle (Edo:wa): Turtle has always been esteemed because it carries its home on its back and goes with the flow of the river, not against it. In some mythologies, the first North Americans envisioned the continent as a turtle because it was surrounded by water. Turtle reminds us to respect Mother Earth.

Dimensions: Length 2" X Width 1 3/4" X Height 1/2" Donated
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