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Alex Tsethlikai: Picasso Marble, Large Mole

Alex Tsethlikai: Picasso Marble, Large Mole


Picasso marble is a remarkable stone known for its unique patterns and colors resembling abstract art. And let me tell you, this carving is truly something to behold! The intricate details on the carving depict every little crevice and contour of a real mole, making it incredibly lifelike yet artfully stylized. 

Mole (K'yaluts'i): Mole’s behavior suggests that we trust what we feel, not what we see as the mole lives this way all the time. For the Zuni people, Mole (K'yaluts'i) is the guardian of Mother Earth. 

Dimensions: Length: 2 7/8" X Width: 1" X Height: 3/4" Donated

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