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Alex Tsethlikai: Ricolite, Frog

Alex Tsethlikai: Ricolite, Frog


This little guy is not your ordinary amphibian though; it's got turquoise inlay dots all over its body, adding that extra touch of charm. The combination of the earthy ricolite with the vibrant pops of color from the turquoise creates this stunning piece that will definitely catch anyone's eye. 

Frog (Da:k’yawiyo) is a sign of water. Water is life . Frogs often appear on prayer bowls since many of the Zuni Prayers and dances ask for water in the form of rain or snow. Cleansing is also a frogs medicine as well as emotional and physical healing.

Dimensions: Length 2 1/2" Width 1 1/16" Height 1/2" Purchased 

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