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Alvin Haloo: Picasso Marble, Wolf with Turquoise Eyes

Alvin Haloo: Picasso Marble, Wolf with Turquoise Eyes


The intricacy of the carving are remarkable; every aspect of the wolf's body, from its fur to its paws, is incredibly lifelike. The choice of using Picasso marble as the material adds depth and richness to the carving, with its unique blend of black, and grey patterns resembling a painter's brushstrokes on canvas. What truly captivates one's attention are the turquoise eyes that gaze back at you with an almost magnetic allure. They seem to carry a certain wisdom and depth, instilling a sense of connection with this majestic creature.

Wolf (Yuna:wikko’o): medicine has to do with deciphering information and finding new pathways for the benefit of the clan. Being part of a clan and exhibiting loyalty to it is some of the wisdom Wolf brings. And yet, even though Wolf is very loyal, it retains its individuality within the clan.  

Dimensions: Length: 2 1/2" X Width: 1/2" X Height: 3/4" Donated

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