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Anthony Mecale (d): Picasso Marble, Lizard

Anthony Mecale (d): Picasso Marble, Lizard


The intricate details etched into the stone showcase the skill and artistry of Anthony, capturing every scale and curve with precision and finesse. The dynamic contrast between the dark black hues and subtle grey tones creates a striking visual impact, making this piece truly stand out among other carvings. Its bold presence demands attention, drawing viewers in to admire its beauty up close. From the delicate claws to the sleek body, every aspect of this lizard has been meticulously sculpted to perfection, making it a rare and valuable addition to any art collection.

Lizard (misho / łe'shi / sema:yakkya / ts'ili:sho): Lizard basks in the heat of the sun, quiet yet alert. Lizard medicine helps us remember our dreams and focus on our deepest visions. It escapes danger by leaving its tail behind, and may grow another in the future, lizard's use of camouflage is another of many survival tactics.  

Dimensions: Length: 1 1/4" x Width: 3/4" x  Height: 2 1/8" Donated

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