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Arvella Cheama: Ricolite, Hummingbird

Arvella Cheama: Ricolite, Hummingbird


Capturing the delicate essence of a hummingbird in all its glory. The details on this piece make it seem as though the bird is miraculously fluttering right before your eyes. The vibrant green color of the ricolite adds to its allure, giving the carving an almost lifelike quality. I can't help but marvel at how meticulously each feather has been carved, creating a sense of movement and grace. It's truly a work of art that brings nature's beauty into any space it occupies.

Hummingbird (Ts'uyya): Hummingbird bring beauty and joy to the world. Their jewel-like colors and rapid movements startle us, focusing our attention on this unique moment and the precious wonder of now. Hummingbirds migrate incredible distances and must consume great quantities of nectar to support their long journey. Darting from flower to flower, hummingbird tastes the sweet essence and nectar of life. When we experience joy we are more receptive to love. Hummingbird medicine opens our hearts.

Dimensions: Length: 2" X Width: 5/8" X Height: 1 1/2" Purchased 

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