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Arvella Cheama: White Marble, Pair of Owls with Turquoise Eyes

Arvella Cheama: White Marble, Pair of Owls with Turquoise Eyes


It's as if they had been plucked straight out of a fairytale. What really caught my attention were their piercing turquoise eyes, glimmering with an uncanny sense of life and wisdom. They seemed to have a mystical aura surrounding them, enchanting anyone who gazed upon them. Those mesmerizing eyes could transport you into another world, beckoning you to uncover the secrets they hold within. These owls served as a powerful symbol – guardians that would watch over you even in the darkest of times. It was impossible not to feel a deep sense of connection and fascination with these magnificent creatures, wondering about the stories they could tell if only they could speak.

Owl (Muhukwi): Owls can see what others cannot and this is a large part of Owl (Muhukwi) medicine. Owl’s ability to do this reminds us of the importance of both worlds: the physical as well as the spiritual, perhaps the known and the unknown. Our willingness and courage to transform the unknown in ourselves into the known is a true source of wisdom. The Zuni Pueblo people call the owl “the Night Grandfather” because he does his work at night. Clairvoyant properties and uncovering deception have always been associated with Owl. Its connection with wisdom comes from Owl’s ability to discern that which cannot be “seen.”  

Dimensions: Length 3" X Width 1" X Height 2 1/2" Purchased 
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