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Avriel Lamy (d): Pipestone, Lizard

Avriel Lamy (d): Pipestone, Lizard


The beautiful touch of turquoise adds a vibrant pop of color and brings the whole piece to life. The combination of the earthy pipestone and the vivid turquoise creates a wonderful contrast that's truly mesmerizing. 

Lizard (misho / łe'shi / sema:yakkya / ts'ili:sho): Lizard basks in the heat of the sun, quiet yet alert. Lizard medicine helps us remember our dreams and focus on our deepest visions. It escapes danger by leaving its tail behind, and may grow another in the future, lizard's use of camouflage is another of many survival tactics.  

Dimensions: Length: 3 3/8" x Width: 3/4" x Height: 3/8" Donated 

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