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Brian Yatsattie: Funkite, Bear

Brian Yatsattie: Funkite, Bear


The Detroit agate, also known as Fordite or Motor Agate, is formed when layers of enamel paint overspray collect on racks in automotive factories over many years, resulting in stunning layered patterns. Fordite was first collected at Ford Motor Company in Michigan in the 1940s. The material saved from the 1960s and 1970s has the boldest colors, since cars were painted in very bright colors during that period. The bear fetish, holds spiritual power and used for healing and protection, takes on a whole new level of significance when carved out of such a distinctive material. 

Bear (Anshe): Bear was the principal animal for the Pueblo People and they are the most prevalent subject of Zuni fetishes. Bear fetishes are used for healing, protection, strength, journeying, mothering, hunting and gathering. Bear‚ hibernation reminds us of the value of going within.

Dimensions: Length 2 1/2" X Width 3/4" X Height 1 1/4" Purchased 
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