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Calvert Bowannie: Black jet/Turquoise Winged/Magpie

Calvert Bowannie: Black jet/Turquoise Winged/Magpie


The sleek black jet provides a dramatic backdrop for the shimmering opal accents, enhancing the bird's intricate detailing and adding depth to its overall presence. With a ball made of coral delicately held in its beak, this magpie exudes a sense of playfulness and energy that is truly captivating. A symbol of intelligence, resourcefulness, and communication in many cultures, this magnificent magpie carving is sure to make a bold statement in any collection or display.

Bird: The bird represents strength, intellect and vision

Dimensions: Length: 1 3/4" X Width: 1 1/4" X Height: 1 1/8" Purchased

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