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Carlton Kaamasee: Pipestone, Bison

Carlton Kaamasee: Pipestone, Bison


Pipestone, also known as catlinite, is a beautiful red stone that holds great cultural significance for many Native American tribes. The use of this particular stone adds an extra layer of authenticity and connection to the piece, as it symbolizes peace, unity, and spirituality. Seeing a bison made from pipestone not only showcases the incredible talent of the artist but also serves as a reminder of the rich traditions and cultural heritage that are passed down through generations.

Buffalo (Si:wolo) is especially important to the Plains Indians. These magnificent animals were the basis of their lifeway before they were hunted to extinction by the white man. While not a traditional fetish subject for the Zunis, all animals have meaning and Bison reminds us of abundance and prayer.   

Dimensions :  Length: 1 3/4" Width : 3/4" Height : 1 3/4"  Donated

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