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Chris Waatsa: Serpentine, Badger

Chris Waatsa: Serpentine, Badger


Oh boy, let me tell you, this badger carved of serpentine is a real gem! Not only does the intricate carving showcase the impressive skills of the artist, but the choice of serpentine as the material adds a whole other layer of appeal. The badger itself is meticulously crafted, capturing every little detail from its pointy snout and adorable whiskers to its tiny paws and bushy tail. 

Badger (Donashi): Badger is aggressive and tenacious. Keeping Badger’s behavior in mind can help one accomplish a specific goal or purpose as it has a great ability to focus. Traditionally, healing properties are attributed to Badger.

Dimensions: Length 1 3/4" X Width 13/16" X Height 1/2" Donated

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