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Christine Banteah: Turquoise, Owl

Christine Banteah: Turquoise, Owl


This masterpiece is simply stunning and exudes an aura of ancient wisdom. The attention to detail is impeccable; every feather etched into the smooth surface of the stone, every curve and contour perfectly captured. The vibrant hues of blue in the turquoise bring this exquisite art piece to life, giving it a sense of vibrancy and vitality. It's hard not to get lost in the piercing gaze of those beautifully crafted eyes. This little treasure seems almost magical - like it may hold some secret knowledge from centuries past. 

Owl (Muhukwi): Owls can see what others cannot and this is a large part of Owl (Muhukwi) medicine. Owl’s ability to do this reminds us of the importance of both worlds: the physical as well as the spiritual, perhaps the known and the unknown. Our willingness and courage to transform the unknown in ourselves into the known is a true source of wisdom. The Zuni Pueblo people call the owl “the Night Grandfather” because he does his work at night. Clairvoyant properties and uncovering deception have always been associated with Owl. Its connection with wisdom comes from Owl’s ability to discern that which cannot be “seen.”  

Dimensions: Length 3/4" X Width 3/4" X Height 1 1/4"
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