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Claudia Peina: Augite, Standing Bear

Claudia Peina: Augite, Standing Bear


Claudia  took a rough augite stone, a beautiful volcanic rock known for its deep green color, and skillfully transformed it into an exquisite standing bear , she even added a coral necklace to accentuate the bear's majestic presence. The necklace perfectly complements the rich hue of the augite, creating an eye-catching contrast that adds depth and interest to the piece. Through her artistry, Claudia has not only captured the essence of a bear in its most powerful form but also provided a unique touch by incorporating nature-inspired elements like coral into her work. It truly reflects Claudia's passion for nature and her exceptional carving skills.

Bear (Anshe): Bear was the principal animal for the Pueblo People and they are the most prevalent subject of Zuni fetishes. Bear fetishes are used for healing, protection, strength, journeying, mothering, hunting and gathering. Bear‚ hibernation reminds us of the value of going within.

Dimensions: Length 3/4" X Width 1 1/4" X Height 2 3/4" Donated

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