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Claudia Peina: Magnesite Wild Horse, Fox

Claudia Peina: Magnesite Wild Horse, Fox


The fox is a unique and eye-catching piece that captures the playful spirit of nature.  The wild horse magnesite stone adds an element of earthiness to the overall design, providing a stunning contrast with its natural brown and white patterns. 

The fox (Łanako) is often called “sly,” and this quality may be attributed to the way this creature camouflages itself while silently observing the world around it. The fox’s senses are ever alert, so that it may avoid any danger for itself and its closely bonded family. Twenty-one types of foxes exist around the planet, and in various cultures they are associated with the feminine, as well as with the supernatural, including sixth sense perception, invisibility, and shapeshifting.

The fox meaning can remind us not to reveal too much too soon, or that exercising discretion and restraint can be key to self-empowerment. One great gift of fox medicine is that they can adapt well to most anything for the good of the self and clan, so they will most certainly survive, dwelling comfortably in the borderlands and twilight, always allowing for a bit of amusement and magic along the way.  

Dimensions: Length 1" X Width 1 1/4" X Height 2 1/2" Purchased

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