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Clayton & Abby Panteah: Banded Onyx, Mole

Clayton & Abby Panteah: Banded Onyx, Mole


What adds that extra touch of uniqueness is the turquoise heartline running down its back. This brilliant pop of color really catches the eye and brings life to the carving. The contrast between the luxurious onyx and the vibrant turquoise creates an exquisite visual harmony. 

Mole (K'yaluts'i): Mole’s behavior suggests that we trust what we feel, not what we see as the mole lives this way all the time. For the Zuni people, Mole (K'yaluts'i) is the guardian of Mother Earth.

Dimensions: Length 2 1/4" X Width 3/4" X Height 3/4" Purchased

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