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Clayton & Abby Panteah: Peacock Pyrite, Bear

Clayton & Abby Panteah: Peacock Pyrite, Bear


The beautiful blue and purple hues of the rock make it simply mesmerizing to look at. Pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is a mineral that has been used for centuries for its metallic luster and unique color variations. The peacock variety of pyrite exhibits vivid shades of blue and purple due to the presence of trace elements during its formation. The smooth surface and the play of colors make this piece a delightful addition to any display or meditation space. Owning a bear carved from such an exceptional stone surely sparks conversations and admiration among friends, while also serving as a beautiful reminder of nature's wonders.

Bear (Anshe): Bear was the principal animal for the Pueblo People and they are the most prevalent subject of Zuni fetishes. Bear fetishes are used for healing, protection, strength, journeying, mothering, hunting and gathering. Bear‚ hibernation reminds us of the value of going within.

Dimensions: Lenght 1 1/2" X Width 3/16" X Height 1" Purchased
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