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Cody Cheama: Green Serpentine, Beaver

Cody Cheama: Green Serpentine, Beaver


It's seriously mind-blowing. Green serpentine is this beautiful metamorphic rock that ranges in color from light green to dark forest green, and it has these amazing swirling patterns that make every piece truly unique. Cody captured every detail, from the sleek fur to the sharp teeth, resulting in a sculpture that exudes both elegance and realism. The contrasting shades and textures of the stone add an extra layer of depth to the beaver's form, enhancing its overall appearance. 

Beavers (Biha) are extremely energetic and exhibit great diligence in whatever they do. Their willingness to participate in purposeful and cooperative activity is part of their medicine. We can learn a great deal from this singular quality. Whether building their underwater lodges, repairing dams, or taking care of their kits, beavers do it with zeal. This is why we have the expression, “eager beaver.” They are gentle creatures who show us that working hard can be its own reward.

Dimensions: Length 2 1/2" X Width 1 3/8" X Height 1 3/4" Purchased
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