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Corwin Yamutewa: Rabbit , Mariam Jasper

Corwin Yamutewa: Rabbit , Mariam Jasper


Rabbit (Okshik’o): is a prey animal. Small and defenseless, it depends on its reflexes and keen senses for survival. Rabbit reminds us to acknowledge our fears, for if we don't, they can paralyze and dictate our behavior.  

Rabbits are gentle , loving animals with a lot to teach us about life, feeling lost or out of balance lately ? Your inner rabbit can help guide you back to good luck and positivity. 

The belief is that the Mariam stone keeps negative influences far away. the presence of Mariam stone is meant to help you cope with emotional difficulty and inspire courage. If you struggle with night terrors, Mariam stone may bring you the respite you crave. Try meditating with this stone to reach out to the higher realms.

Length 1 1/4" X Width 15/16" X Height 1 9/16"
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