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Danette Laate: Mojave Turquoise, Green Butterfly Maiden

Danette Laate: Mojave Turquoise, Green Butterfly Maiden


The butterfly maiden carved of green Mojave turquoise is simply stunning. The vivid green color of the stone represents growth, renewal, and harmony with nature, while the butterfly motif symbolizes transformation and beauty. The meticulous carving captures every delicate detail of the butterfly's wings, bringing them to life in a three-dimensional form that is truly captivating. The use of genuine Mojave turquoise, sourced from Arizona's Mojave desert, adds an extra layer of significance to this piece as it is believed to have healing properties and spiritual significance to many Native American tribes. 

Maiden (kyatsik'i): All types of maidens are part of this collection: Corn Maiden, Grandmother Maiden, Butterfly Maiden, Maiden of Blue Corn, Maiden, etc.

Butterfly (Bu:la'kya): In its short life butterfly (Bu:la'kya) transforms from a tiny egg to a crawling caterpillar, then becomes an outwardly still cocoon until a winged creature emerges. Butterfly medicine shows us the significance of each stage of transformation. Butterfly dances on flowers, tastes nectar and flowers through its feet, sees the hidden spectrum of ultraviolet, and gracefully flies on invisible atmospheric currents, displaying balance and poise. Although butterfly looks delicate some varieties tenaciously migrate incredible distances of up to 3,000 miles. Butterfly‚Äôs element is the air, symbolic of mental realms. Our minds can go in any direction and our thoughts can take any form. Butterfly navigates this positive transformation with ease and brings powerful beauty to the world.

Dimensions: Length 7/8" X Width 1/4" X Height 1 1/4" Purchased
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