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Daniel Chattin: Dyed Allunite, Corn Maiden

Daniel Chattin: Dyed Allunite, Corn Maiden


The allunite itself is already impressive with its vibrant purple color, exuding an air of mystique and enchantment. But what truly catches your attention is the intricate carving of the corn maiden. Every contour and detail is meticulously crafted, bringing her to life in all her grace and beauty.The maiden also cradles a delicate pottery in her hands, showcasing Daniel's exceptional skill in working with different mediums. As you gaze at this piece, you can't help but marvel at the fusion of textures, and forms that come together harmoniously to create something truly breathtaking. Simply put, it's a mesmerizing work of art that effortlessly captivates anyone who lays eyes on it.

Corn Maiden (A:dow e:washdok'i): In the Zuni Pueblo the three stages of woman are recognized as:

  • Maiden, symbolizing potential
  • Mother, the life giver
  • Grandmother, the wise elder

Usually the maiden fetish will be emerging from corn (the corn maiden) or she will have whorls of hair on the side of her head, signifying that she has not had a child. The mother fetish also can be emerging from the corn (the corn mother) and she will have children with her or look pregnant. The grandmother usually has a shawl over her head and no corn represented on her body.

Dimensions: Length 1" X Width 1 1/4" X Height 1 3/4" Donated 

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