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Dee Edaakie: Mother of Pearl, Sitting Bear

Dee Edaakie: Mother of Pearl, Sitting Bear


The natural iridescent sheen of the mother of pearl creates an alluring shine that captures your attention immediately. The intricate detailing on the bear's body highlights the craftsmanship involved in its creation. Every curve and line are meticulously carved to bring out the beauty and grace of this magnificent creature. The smooth surface invites you to touch it, and as your fingers glide across its polished finish, you can't help but be mesmerized by its elegance and sophistication. 

Bear (Anshe): Bear was the principal animal for the Pueblo People and they are the most prevalent subject of Zuni fetishes. Bear fetishes are used for healing, protection, strength, journeying, mothering, hunting and gathering. Bear‚ hibernation reminds us of the value of going within.

Dimensions: Length 1 1/2" X Width 1" X Height 1 3/4" Purchased
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