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Derrick Kaamasee: Jade, Turtle Hatchling

Derrick Kaamasee: Jade, Turtle Hatchling


Carved from one of the most precious and revered gemstones in Chinese culture, this figurine symbolizes longevity, wisdom, and protection. Its rich green hue reflects the harmony between man and nature, making it not just a work of art but also a spiritual connection to the earth and its inhabitants. Embrace the power and beauty of this jade turtle hatchling as a timeless reminder of strength, resilience, and inner peace.

Turtle (Edo:wa): Turtle has always been esteemed because it carries its home on its back and goes with the flow of the river, not against it. In some mythologies, the first North Americans envisioned the continent as a turtle because it was surrounded by water. Turtle reminds us to respect Mother Earth.

Dimensions: Length 2 9/16" X Width 1 3/4" X Height 1 1/16" Purchased
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