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Derrick Kaamasee: Picasso, Badger

Derrick Kaamasee: Picasso, Badger


The lines and contours of the badger's body were expertly carved, bringing it to life in this beautiful stone. The choice of using Picasso marble added a unique touch to the piece - with its mix of black, gray, and white veining creating a captivating visual effect. It almost felt as if the sculptor had managed to capture the essence of the animal within the stone itself. 

(Donashi) Badger is aggressive and tenacious. Keeping Badger’s behavior in mind can help one accomplish a specific goal or purpose as it has a great ability to focus. Traditionally, healing properties are attributed to Badger

Dimensions: Length 2 3/4" X Width 1 1/4" X Height  1/2" Purchased

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