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Derrick Kaamasee: Pipestone, Tarantula

Derrick Kaamasee: Pipestone, Tarantula


This little beauty is one of a kind, with its delicate body structure and distinctive features of a tarantula. Derrick has an incredible eye for detail and patience as he meticulously carved every leg, each tiny hair on its body, and even those intimidating fangs. The choice of using pipestone adds an extra level of charm to this piece—the smooth texture combined with its rich earthy tones make it visually stunning.

Each intricate carving represents the embodiment of spiritual power and protection associated with the tarantula, which has long been revered for its agility and venomous nature. These carvings are not just aesthetically pleasing; they serve as talismans believed to bring good fortune, strength, and guidance to their owners.

Dimensions: Length : 1 3/4" Width : 2 1/2" Height:  1/2" Donated

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