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Dwight Quam: Peach Alabaster, Turtle

Dwight Quam: Peach Alabaster, Turtle


The smooth, delicate curves of the alabaster turtle's body contrast beautifully with the intricate detail of the etched shell. Each tiny turquoise dot adorning the shell adds a pop of color and vibrancy, creating a mesmerizing visual effect that draws the eye in. This carving is not simply a decoration but a symbol of elegance and refinement, sure to be admired by all who appreciate fine artistry and attention to detail. 

Turtle (Edo:wa): Turtle has always been esteemed because it carries its home on its back and goes with the flow of the river, not against it. In some mythologies, the first North Americans envisioned the continent as a turtle because it was surrounded by water. Turtle reminds us to respect Mother Earth.

Dimensions: Length 2" X Width 1 5/8" X Height 3/4" Donated
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