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Enrike Leekya: Zuni Travertine Stone, Wild Boar

Enrike Leekya: Zuni Travertine Stone, Wild Boar


Zuni Travertine Carving stone is a unique and highly sought-after material within the world of Native American art. This type of travertine, found exclusively in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico, is known for its creamy yellow to beige color with intricate patterns that resemble marble. The stone is prized for its softness and workability, making it ideal for intricate carving and detailed inlay work. Artists at Zuni Pueblo have been utilizing this stone for generations to create stunning pieces of  fetishes that often depict animals or spiritual figures significant to their culture. 

Boar: Represents Bravery, Strength and command with a fighting spirit.

Dimensions: Length: 3 1/4" Width: 1" Height: 1 7/8" Donated

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