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Esteban Najera: Lepidolite, Hummingbird

Esteban Najera: Lepidolite, Hummingbird


Lepidolite, a purplish-pink mineral with a subtle shimmer, adds an ethereal touch to the carved birds, enhancing their elegance and charm. This crystal is believed to bring calmness and balance to one's life. As you hold these miniature marvels in your hand, you can't help but appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into crafting them as well as the serenity they emanate. 

Hummingbird (Ts'uyya): Hummingbird bring beauty and joy to the world. Their jewel-like colors and rapid movements startle us, focusing our attention on this unique moment and the precious wonder of now. Hummingbirds migrate incredible distances and must consume great quantities of nectar to support their long journey. Darting from flower to flower, hummingbird tastes the sweet essence and nectar of life. When we experience joy we are more receptive to love. Hummingbird medicine opens our hearts.

Dimensions: Length 1" X Width 7/16" X Height 1 1/2" Purchased
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