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Fabeola Yamutewa: Purple Lab Opal Flower, Ring

Fabeola Yamutewa: Purple Lab Opal Flower, Ring


Demonstrating her keen eye for detail and distinctive artistic flair, Yamutewa has skillfully brought the ethereal beauty of a blooming flower to life in this wearable work of art. The use of purple lab opal adds a touch of mesmerizing elegance to the piece, symbolizing creativity and imagination. Crafted from sterling silver, renowned for its durability and timeless charm, this ring is not only visually stunning but also designed to stand the test of time. Owning one of Fabeola Yamutewa's creations is synonymous with possessing a treasured heirloom that carries both aesthetic and sentimental value – a true testament to her unparalleled talent within the world of silversmithing.

Dimensions: Length 1/2" X Width 1/2" Purchased 

Size 7 ring

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