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Frankie Eustace: Lime Serpentine, Snake

Frankie Eustace: Lime Serpentine, Snake


This vibrant green stone gives the snake an exotic and captivating appeal. But wait, it doesn't stop there! The craftsmen didn't shy away from adding a touch of flair by adorning the eyes of this slithering beauty with turquoise dot inlays. These pops of blue infuse a playful energy into the otherwise earthy tones. The smoothness of the serpent's body begs to be touched, tracing your fingers along its sinuous curves as if you're truly holding a living creature. It's undoubtedly a mesmerizing piece that effortlessly captures the essence of nature's most fascinating reptile in all its glory.

Snake (Chitdola): Snake sheds its skin. This is a powerful symbol of our need to discard old ways, patterns, and perspectives. Snake meaning is that of alchemy, i.e. that which is negative may be transformed into something positive.

Dimensions: Length 4 1/4" X Width 5/16" X Height 1/4" Donated

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