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Fred Bowannie: Zuni Stone, Mountain Lion

Fred Bowannie: Zuni Stone, Mountain Lion


The intricate carving on both the lion and the rabbit is so rich in detail that you can almost feel the texture of their fur just by looking at it. Fred has truly captured the essence of these animals in their natural habitat - from the intense stare of the lion to the delicate posture of the rabbit, frozen in a moment of tension and vulnerability. And let me tell you, this Zuni stone adds an extra layer of beauty to it all. With its warm tones and unique patterns, it brings a sense of earthiness and authenticity to the piece. 

Mountain lion (Hokdidasha): is at the top of the food chain and is regarded to be a great hunter and leader. Mountain lion’s presence is usually felt but not seen. Mountain Lion medicine is about setting good examples and boundaries.

Dimensions: Length  2 5/8" X Width  1 1/2" X Height  1 1/2" Purchased
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