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Freddie Leekya: Soap Stone, Dog with Collar

Freddie Leekya: Soap Stone, Dog with Collar


Trust me, it's impossible not to crack a smile upon seeing this beauty. With its black eyes and nose, this pooch exudes charm and warmth. But wait, there's more! It sports an exquisite turquoise dotted inlay collar that enhances its playful personality. The craftsmanship is simply remarkable; you can feel the love and care that went into shaping every curve and detail. This little fella brings joy wherever it goes, radiating happiness with its expressive face and vibrant color scheme. It's the perfect addition to any pet lover's collection or as a thoughtful gift for someone who adores furry friends. 

Dimensions: Length 2 7/8" X Width 1" X Height 2" Purchased 

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