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Gilbert Lonjose: Grey & white alabaster, Rabbit

Gilbert Lonjose: Grey & white alabaster, Rabbit


The use of grey and white tones further enhances the overall realism, adding depth and texture to the piece. The smooth surface and subtle variations in color create a visually appealing contrast that draws the viewer's attention. It is evident that this carving has been executed with expert precision, as each curve and contour is meticulously sculpted to replicate the graceful movements of a rabbit.

Rabbit (Okshik’o): is a prey animal. Small and defenseless, it depends on its reflexes and keen senses for survival. Rabbit reminds us to acknowledge our fears, for if we don't, they can paralyze and dictate our behavior.  

Dimensions: Length 2" X Width 13/16" X Height 1 1/16" Purchased
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