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Gilbert Lonjose: Picasso Marble, Roadrunner

Gilbert Lonjose: Picasso Marble, Roadrunner


Oh, you'll love this roadrunner carved of Picasso marble! It's a real gem, combining the whimsical spirit of the desert with a touch of sophistication. This carving captures all the intricate details and textures of a roadrunner perfectly, making it incredibly lifelike. The natural colors found in the marble—from soft grays to rich browns—add depth and character to this piece. You can almost imagine this little bird darting across the desert landscape. 

Roadrunner (Boyyi): Special, because their tracks don't indicate coming or going. Focus on finishing projects today; Doing this will make room, for something new.

Dimensions: Length 1/2" X Width 3 9/16" X Height 1 7/8" Purchased
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