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Hayes Leekya: Zuni Stone, Mt. Lion

Hayes Leekya: Zuni Stone, Mt. Lion


Hayes crafted a stunning Zuni travertine Stone Mountain lion in rich tones of grey and golden brown. The intricate details of the carving bring this creature to life, capturing its strength and grace in solid stone. The choice of travertine adds depth and texture to the piece, enhancing the natural beauty of the mountain lion's form. The blending of grey and golden brown hues creates a visually striking contrast, adding dimension and warmth to the overall composition.  This exquisite work of art is sure to captivate viewers with its lifelike depiction and masterful craftsmanship.

Mountain lion (Hokdidasha): is at the top of the food chain and is regarded to be a great hunter and leader. Mountain lion’s presence is usually felt but not seen. Mountain Lion medicine is about setting good examples and boundaries.

Dimensions: Length 3 3/4" X Width 1 1/4" X Height 1 1/2" Donated

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