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Hiram Peynetsa: Apple coral, Parrot

Hiram Peynetsa: Apple coral, Parrot


The level of detail on this thing is mind-blowing. From the feathers carved into the coral to the mesmerizing shades of turquoise used for its eyes, an absolute showstopper! This stunning creation captures the essence of a magnificent parrot with unmatched intricacy and artistry. The use of apple coral showcases its vibrant red hues, evoking passion and energy, while the addition of turquoise eyes adds a touch of enchantment. 

Parrot: (Mula) Parrot is symbolic of the sun. Like a rainbow, he is made with rain, sun, and light.

Dimensions:Length 7/8" X Width 3/8" X Height 1 5/8" Purchased 

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