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Karen Zunie: Beaver, Otter, and Turtle, Necklace

Karen Zunie: Beaver, Otter, and Turtle, Necklace


The beaver, otter, and turtle necklace made of ivory, turquoise, coral, and silver is an exquisite piece of jewelry that showcases a harmonious blend of natural elements. This necklace captures the graceful essence of these animals in stunning detail. The use of ivory adds a touch of opulence while paying homage to the rich history of indigenous cultures. Turquoise evokes feelings of tranquility and protection, while coral represents vitality and life force. This necklace not only symbolizes the inherent beauty found in nature but also serves as a statement piece that conveys sophistication and taste. Each component has been carefully selected to reflect both aesthetic appeal and cultural significance – resulting in a truly remarkable creation that seamlessly marries tradition with contemporary style.

Dimensions: Length 15" Purchased 

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