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Karen Zunie: Red Onyx, Frog

Karen Zunie: Red Onyx, Frog


The red onyx added a certain depth and richness to the whole piece, making it stand out from any other frog carving I've seen before. The smooth texture of the stone perfectly captured the sleekness of a frog's skin, while the intricate carvings brought every little feature to life – from its delicate feet to its bulging eyes. 

Frog (Da:k'yawiyo): Toad (Dakka) Frog (Dakkya) is a sign of water. Water is life. In Zuni Pueblo, frogs often appear on prayer bowls since many of the Zuni prayers and dances ask for water in the form of rain or snow. Cleansing is also a part of Frog’s meaning as well as emotional and physical healing.  .

Dimensions: Length 1" X Width 1/2" X Height 3/4" Purchased
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