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Karen Zunie: Ricolite, Lizard

Karen Zunie: Ricolite, Lizard


It's basically the epitome of awesomeness! Now, ricolite is a type of stone found in New Mexico that has these beautiful green and brown patterns running through it. Karen put so much effort into carving this little lizard to bring out all those intricate details. And let's not forget about those turquoise eyes - they're like little gems sparkling in the sun! 

Lizard (misho / łe'shi / sema:yakkya / ts'ili:sho): Lizard basks in the heat of the sun, quiet yet alert. Lizard medicine helps us remember our dreams and focus on our deepest visions. It escapes danger by leaving its tail behind, and may grow another in the future, lizard's use of camouflage is another of many survival tactics.

Dimensions: Length  1 1/2" X Width  7/16" X Height  1/2" Purchased
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