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Kenric Laiwekate: Orange Calcite, Horned Toad

Kenric Laiwekate: Orange Calcite, Horned Toad


The color of the stone is absolutely mesmerizing, creating a warm and inviting energy that instantly draws you in. Not only is this carving visually striking, but orange calcite is also believed to bring joy, creativity, and positivity into your life. Imagine displaying this gorgeous horned toad in your home or office, basking in its radiant energy and appreciating the craftsmanship that went into creating such a remarkable piece. A true treasure for anyone who loves beautiful artwork and desires to invite more happiness and inspiration into their life!

Horned Toad (łechokyaba): Horned Toad (Lizard) represents longevity and self-reliance.

Dimensions: Length 2" X Width 1 1/16" X Height 3/4" Purchased 
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