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Lance Cheama: Leopard Rock Bobcat

Lance Cheama: Leopard Rock Bobcat


Lance carved this absolutely detailed leopard rock bobcat with lapis eyes that is just breathtaking. The level of intricacy and craftsmanship put into every inch of the sculpture is simply awe-inspiring. The leopard's fur looked so lifelike, almost as if it could come alive any moment. And those lapis eyes added a touch of mystique to the whole piece. It's amazing how he managed to capture the essence and spirit of the majestic predator in solid rock. Cheama's definitely has an incredible skill for transforming ordinary materials into extraordinary works of art. 

Bobcat (Debi): The power of Bobcat (Debi) is independence. While felines are independent in nature, this is epitomized in Bobcat. Its attitude is that fences, barns, and chicken coops are surely meant to keep out others. Their independent nature has caused them to be regarded as pests by farmers and ranchers but that trait is vital to their survival. Unlike most other felines, Bobcats do not have a strong aversion to water. They have been known to jump into water and swim after prey. They are rarely seen, as they hunt at night and they feed on a variety of animals so they can do well just about anywhere. Independent indeed!

Dimensions:Length 2 3/4" X Width 7/8" X Height 1 " Purchased 

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